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Things to Know About Dennie Bonnen

Dennis Higgins Bonnen was born on March 3, 1972, and he is the Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives. He is considered as a Republican who had been a Representative for District 25 of the Texas house from the year 1997. In the year 2013, he was also being appointed by the Speaker Joe Straus to be the Speaker of Pro Temper where he has acted to be the presiding officer because of the absence of the House Speaker. Last November 12, 2018, he was being announced to have 109 votes to be the next one to be the Texas House Speaker. In the votes, he got 76 votes that were being needed for the election. Last January 8, 2019, Dennis Bonnen had been elected to be the Texas House of Representative in order to serve to be the Speaker of the House.

Last August 12, 2019, the Texas House General Investigating Committee had voted to as the Public Integrity Unit of the Texas Rangers to unanimously conduct an investigation that of the June 12, 2019 meeting right between the Republican caucus chair named Dustin Burrow and Bonnen and also Michael Quinn Sullivan for some possible suspicion that he had engaged into the possible criminal behavior. This will include the “quid pro quo offer of media as an exchange for the political targeting” of that of the Republican House member that Bonnen wanted to be defeated at the polls.

He had apologized for saying such terrible things right during the June 12 meeting and then Burrows had redesigned as the Republican caucus chairperson. Last October 22, 2019, Bonnen had announced that he will not be running for the election anymore, thus paving the way for that of the new House speaker for the next session of the House. Read more about Dennis Bonnen on this website.

Furthermore, Bonnen had resided in Lake Jackson and is a native of Angelton, Texas. He was also the son of David and Matina Bonnen wherein he had graduated in the year 1990 from the Angleton High School. He had received degrees in Bachelor of Arts in Political science in the year 1994 from St. Edward’s University and he was the alumni Achievement Awardee in the year 2001. He had gained popularity across Texas and this had urged him to run for the positions where he did not fail. He was being part of the executive body and was leading at such a young age. He had started his political career in the year 2007 and he was able to contribute things that helps his place. Click on this link for more info:

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